Varilux S Series

Offers the first line of digital progressive lenses that provides a real breakthrough in patient experience for both first-time and experienced progressive lens wearers. Ranked #1 on every lens feature by real patients in independent studies, Varilux S Series is undeniably in a class of its own when it comes to addressing issues like swim, motion stability, expansive vision and personalization

Thanks to cutting-edge design, innovative technology and unique manufacturing process, Varilux S Series lenses dramatically defy the limits of progressive lenses so radically in every area that performance is actually guaranteed.


Nanoptix Technology allows us to change the fundamental structure of a progressive lens. The lens surface is made up of many optical elements, which are then re-engineered to allow light to pass through each, without the deviation of light that causes swim effect.


For the first time, a lens that not only virtually eliminates swim effect, but also offers never before achievedstability in motion,guaranteeing adaptation for every patient.


Varilux Physio f-360° progressive lens has an individualized reading field thanks to the combination of eight patented technologies – this enables to achieve best vision in all directions.

These lenses are designed with W.A.V.E technology - a unique way to analyze rays of light and decrease aberrations of the lens.

Analysis made by Essilor shows that parameters like pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance, the curve angle of the lens, height and distance of the pupil have a great impact of the optical qualities of the lens.

If the combination of the mentioned parameters differs from the average standard, you can experience discomfort mostly when using the field for reading.

In order to avoid this discomfort, scientists invented a new type of progressive lens that takes into account the personal distinctive features of each user.

With Varilux Physio f-360° progressive lens you achieve a vision almost free from aberrations in all fields of vision irrespective of the strength terms of use of the lens.

The combination of different optical surfaces makes this an ideal lens.

Progression is on the front side of the lens. The back is a combination of the strength and fitting parameters. Both surfaces are optimized with wave front technology; each lens has an individualized reading field.

The process of calculation while making the lens enables to control the parameters of the front and integrate them with the changing parameters of the back – interaction between the two sides ensures the 3-dimensional flexibility of the reading field.

In addition to incorporating each patient’s unique visual behaviors into the design, Varilux Ipseo IV™goes one step further with W.A.V.E. Technology 2™.

W.A.V.E. Technology 2:Unsurpassed Visual Performance

W.A.V.E. (Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement) Technology 2 has a powerful impact on patients’ overall quality of vision. By analyzing the entire wavefront, lens designers can calculate targeted optical functions for each point and each gaze direction.The result of these complex analyses is a lens design that reduces or eliminates higher order aberrations, resulting in unsurpassed visual performance.

W.A.V.E. Technology 2 Lens Wearers Enjoy:

• Safer, more confident night driving• Less strain during low- light reading, television and computer usage• Reduction of swim and ease of adaption

The DualOptix™ Difference

Varilux Ipseo IV also offers the advanced technology of Essilor’s DualOptix.. With DualOptix two progressive surfaces work together to modify and control distortions. On lenses with a one surface design, the curvature of the lens is directly linked to the lens power, which gives rise to distortions.

The DualOptix Advantage• Greater precision and accuracy of surfacing• An unlimited ability to customize patients’ visual demands• Infinite ability to improve lens design

DualOptix™ uses both sides of the lens to optimize vision even more.


Essilor will offer New Varilux Comfort lenses to help patients enjoy ease of vision throughout the day in every aspect of modern life.

The new lenses will offer quicker access to the reading area, 25 percent wider distance and near vision fields and improved performance for today’s digital devices and activities, such as MP3 players, navigation tools, laptops and netbooks.

“Now more than ever, people are transitioning between different fields of vision – near, far and intermediate – quicker, more often and for shorter periods of time,” said Carl Bracy, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “Essilor’s New Varilux Comfort lenses have been modernized to meet these new visual demands.”

Using Essilor’s proprietary Live Optics research and development process as well as Varilux Virtual Reality, Essilor scientists analyzed thousands of patients to determine the best way to improve upon the design. As a result, the progression length was shortened and the near vision and distance fields are wider by up to 25 percent with reduced astigmatism in the intermediate zone. New Varilux Comfort lenses offer even quicker access to the near vision zone, wider fields for relaxed vision during daily activities and reduced swim.

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